The RV Lifeline…..

What is an RV lifeline? Should you have one, do you need one? Why do I have one?

RV Lifeline


My RV lifeline is my connection to a community of different people I have met on the road since I first started my RV travels. A group of totally different people, who are all living on the road, however, we all have different paths and destinations. A group of people I trust and value their opinions and advice. I may message them with questions like where should I go next, have you ever driven this mountain pass, do you know anywhere special to park with cell signal, etc. Sometimes to ask about a problem with the rig or just some conversation! I value these people on my RV Lifeline. The people you meet on the road will be some of the most valuable connections in your motorhome travels!

I started it probably after the first 3 mths on the road. I was a good month behind the typical nomad migration out of southern Arizona. But as I explored on my own I ran into RV Joey !! It was nice meeting someone that I had seen on youtube and that I knew was familiar with the area! We camped one night and we both went our different ways!

Fast forward a month later! I was headed thru Kingman looking to go more east in Arizona. I thought I had a plan but that didn’t work out.  As I headed out of Kingman the weather got crappy and windy. Then I encountered a tough uphill stretch and didn’t know how to properly drive it in the rig pulling a car! I thought I was destroying my transmission! When I finally was able to pull over I called the first person on my RV lifeline! I was pretty much in tears and didn’t know where to go! When I told her of my plans, she quickly offered me two other options! That is how the RV lifeline began! I really just needed to talk to someone who was living the same life. Someone who has been in the same position! I could of called any one of my friends from home however they could support me emotionally they could not offer me any support on where to safely go.

From that point on when I would meet people and got to know them , they were added to the RV Lifeline. I make a special group in my phone contacts where I keep all my RV friends. This way if I ever have any questions related to RV life I have a database to go to! I will occasionally send out a where are you text or has anybody camped here message. It has been a great tool and comfort for me! Social media is great but this gave me a quicker, private and personal connection!

Do you have some sort of RV lifeline? leave a comment to let me know how you connect with fellow RVers on the road.

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I am a 50 something year old woman traveling the US in a 1999 Fleetwood Tioga 24 ft RV, with a dog and two parrots!! Join us on the adventure, life is too short to wait to make your dreams come true!

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