10 Things I recommend for full time RV travel with a dog

After a year and 5 months on the road with Stuey you learn a few things along the way! However it seems like there is always something new to tackle or figure out !! Here are 10 items we found along the way to make things easier!

  1. Rescue Remedy and Richards Organtic Pet Calm along with calming treats! these had to be given like a mad drug cocktail which I had to learn by trial and error! I was totally caught off guard when Stuey started to shake and pant uncontrollably once we were on the road in the RV. We had traveled quite a bit in the car and he never had a problem with it! I was already nervous about taking off in this 24ft rv and him unhappy was not making it easier!! I tried the Rescue Remedy first but that only helped a little! Then the Pet Calm. that helped a little bit more however still not enough! I finally realized I needed it give him the drops about 30 min. before we left. Then right before we left I would give him the pet calm treats that usually did the trick! It took about a month to a month and a half before I started cutting back on the dosage and noticed he was doing better! Now he does not need it at all! As a matter of fact as soon as I put the car on the dolly he is in the front seat ready to go!!
  2. Lets talk dog beds!! It seems like a simple guaranteed thing to have in your rig! Stuey has two in the camper one for under the table and one sits between the seats up front! But outside was a different story! I was bringing one of his beds from inside out and then you had to move it in and out and it would get all dirty , never mind the bugs!!! The solution a raised bed! but not only a raised bed but one that folds up just like your average camp chair!! I absolutely love this bed and Stuey is pretty happy with it as well! The Paws and Pals elevated dog bed has been one of my best dog purchases yet!!
  3.  Upsky dog water dish is a no spill water dish that is also good for the dog that laps lots of water fast making a mess! This is a 35 oz no slip, spill proof water dish. it has a auto adjustable floating disk that allows water to come out! No more spilled bowls of water on travel days. 
  4. Dog Booties……… This is something I never thought I would do to my dog! But the desert ground is no joke for dogs! It looked like he was tip toeing around trying to find one piece of grass to pee on!! It took a little time to get him use to them and he still really doesn’t like them but I know his feet are protected from stickers ,rocks and cactus! I also had to try a few different types to find the right ones for him! these seem to do the job!
  5. If you are mainly a boondocker like I am you will need some waterless shampoo for you dog! Water is limited when bookdocking, and Stuey loves to roll in the dirt or anything gross! I have had to use my gallon jugs of fresh water on him more than once! I finally broke down and bought this Wahl waterless shampoo! It works pretty good and helps till we can get somewhere to give him a full bath! Believe me when your dog rolls in something nasty this is a lifesaver!! 
  6.  Now this Kurgo Dog Go shower looks pretty amazing! It holds 1.59 gallons of water, has a shower head and hangs anywhere. I am anxious to try this and I have placed it on the wish list !!  

7. The Ruffwear Jetstream Cooling vest is another item placed on the wish list! Last summer on more than one occasion we found ourselves in very hot areas! while stuey has a cooling mat I was afraid to use it outdoors as I was afraid it would get torn. This has been highly recommended to help keep your dog cool! you wet it and as the water evaporates it helps cool your pet! It would be very helpful for the active outdoor dog!!

8. Ok now for something basic ! POOP BAGS!! First more people need to use them!! I never use to buy poop bags I would just use my shopping bags. We all know grocery bags are not eco friendly first off , then you get in California who have banned them, plus add in the fact that I no longer shop like I use to ! I got to the point I had no bags at all to clean up after Stuey! Well those bags are not cheap!! So here we have 1000 bags for 15.00 !! I now have bags stashed everywhere! Gorilla supply pet poop bags

9.Bag Balm is a ointment which is used on scrapes, burns ,cuts, hot spots etc. it is really a miracle ointment! I always keep some on hand for Stuey as well as myself!

10.Vetericyn dog eye wash. Since Stuey has scratched his eyes in the past and he likes to roll in the sand I like to keep this around in case he gets sand in his eyes! I have had to use it a few times and it saved me from a visit to the vets!


So there you have it! 10 things I find useful to keep in the RV while we travel!! What are some of your must haves for your dogs while you travel?

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I am a 50 something year old woman traveling the US in a 1999 Fleetwood Tioga 24 ft RV, with a dog and two parrots!! Join us on the adventure, life is too short to wait to make your dreams come true!

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