RV related reads for all

What do you like to read? I am not a huge reader . I prefer audio books when I can find them at a thrift store or online. When I do read I prefer to read true stories or travel adventure stories especially about the RV lifestyle. They can be hard to find however. This is my pick for RV related books.

1.The first book is neither a true story or a travel adventure book ! It is the one and only guide book I feel new RV’ers need! Be a nomad change your life by Robin Barret Creativity RV. This book has everything and I mean everything you need to know about living life on the road. It is available on Amazon and is filled with helpful links that she updates quarterly . If you are thinking about going full time or new at it you will want to have this handbook! Hell even if you are a seasoned traveler this book will be helpful with info on health insurance, working on the road and where to camp and much much more! 

2. Take Risks: One Couple’s Journey to Quit Their Jobs and Hit the Open Road (We’re the Russos) I like this book as it is about their journey to living on the road. They talk about their decision to leave the corporate world, sell everything they own and start living life on their terms. If you want to read about the true life decisions and process it takes to make this life happen this read is for you! While everybodys decisions and reasons for living this life is different. I find it interesting to see how other people make the journey happen for them! 

3.Travels with Maggie: A Six-Month Journey with a Wondering Wanderer  by Pat Bean is a story about fulfilling a dream.  She travels 7000 miles in a 6 mth time frame with her dog Maggie.You can follow her journey on a map and even travel the same roads! I love the fact that you can ride along with her story and have your own experiences as well! 

4.Travels with Chesky: Rediscovering America by Heather Phelps is currently on my to read list! It’s a travel memoir about one womens journey around america with her dog pre 2016 election time. It is about meeting new people, seeing new places and dealing with life in a travel trailer! looks like a book worth reading! 

5.Ellie Dwyer’s Great Escape by Diane Winger This is a fiction book and I love that the story revolves around a women traveling in a aliner travel trailer. After dealing with a series of bad luck she deciedes to travel the country looking to reinvent her life.  

6.Take Me With You by Catherine Ryan Hyde another fiction story . I am currently reading this book and I am hooked! A recovering alcoholic teacher who’s 19 year old son has died is on a summer road trip in his RV. When his RV broke down he got more than expected from the mechanic who fixed the RV.  He ended up finishing his summer travel with the mechanic’s two young boys! The destination Yellowstone National Park! I am really enjoying this read!


7.Coast To Coast With A Cat And A Ghost by Judy Howard This is a memoir of a woman who travels from California to Florida in a RV with a cat and a doll dressed up like her dead husband. Its a story of  her finding herself and self confidence after her husband dies. This book has come highly recommended and is on my reading list!  

So there you go 7 RV related reads that are not your typical how to books! Some true storys some fiction! Something for everyone! Happy Reading !!



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I am a 50 something year old woman traveling the US in a 1999 Fleetwood Tioga 24 ft RV, with a dog and two parrots!! Join us on the adventure, life is too short to wait to make your dreams come true!

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